Klippan Spring 2023

Klippan Spring 2023 - A new colorful collection.

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We only use organic materials and take no shortcuts when it comes to quality. Manufacturing takes place with great care in our own OEKO-TEX® certified factory.
We love wool

Wool throws

Earthy shades or colorful accents? With us there is a throw for every personality. We collaborate with some of Sweden's most well-known designers and manufacture everything in 100% natural materials.


We are wool experts with experience that stretches all the way back to 1879, when Klippan Yllefabrik started. Today, the fifth generation runs the company from the same premises. We love wool for many reasons. It is a climate-smart natural material that breathes and has fantastic properties. Wool is environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. Our range includes everything from Swedish wool to recycled wool and organic wool.

Washing instructions


All our cotton is OEKO-TEX® certified. The majority of throws and blankets are made from organic cotton, which means it is grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Please note that our brushed, thin cotton quality has washing instructions that differ from other cottons.
Washing instructions cotton


Wool has antibacterial properties and is naturally dirt repellent. Because of that, wool does not need to be washed very often, which is good for both the environment and the climate. Often it is enough to ventilate, preferably in damp weather. If you are going to wash your wool blanket or wool throw, follow our washing and care instructions carefully.
Washing instructions for wool


Linen is a natural material that only gets more beautiful the more you use it. Our linen products are made from 100% stone-washed linen. It is, in other words, mechanically softened without chemical additives. Tip! If you want the wrinkled look, tumble dry on low heat and take out before the linen is completely dry.
Washing instructions linen
Liten växt i händerna på en person ute på gård i Klippan. Ull är naturligt nedbrytbart och det märks i jorden.

Ecophoria June 2021

In harmony with nature

Wool is naturally degradable. We did a test and composted wool blankets on a farm outside Klippan. After a year there were no traces of wool in the ground.
Our vision

140 years of knowledge

Made by klippan

We want to work with the resources that already exist and leave as small a footprint as possible. That is why, since the beginning in 1879, we have chosen to always use 100% natural materials. For our wool products, we follow every step - from raw material to finished plaid.
Our craft


Klippan Yllefabrik was founded when Jöns Petter Magnusson took over a small wool spinning mill. The farmers in the area came here to get help with carding and spinning. Hard work awaited Jöns Petter and his wife Matilda. The machine park could later be renewed and a shop was opened, all in the same place where the company still operates today.


Jöns Petter was succeeded this year by his son Gustaf Magnusson. He had learned to dye yarn in Leverkusen and soon came to supplement the spinning mill with a dyeing mill. He also made contact with the burgeoning Swedish handicraft movement and thus gained a nationwide clientele. During the short time that Gustaf was active, the production of yarn tripled.


At the age of 28, Gustaf's son, Sven Magnusson, took over the family business. The times were good and under Sven's management the capacity of the spinning mill increased 20-fold. At the time of his death in 1982, Klippan Yllefabrik was considered Scandinavia's most modern spinning mill. The number of employees amounted to over 90 people.

The 1980s

A turbulent time awaited. The fourth generation, Gösta Magnusson, had to deal with reduced demand and increased competition. Soon Klippan Yllefabrik was one of the few spinning mills left in Sweden. The turning point came in 1992 when Gösta got in touch with a spinning and weaving mill in Latvia whose specialty was woolen blankets. In Klippan, the decision was made to invest wholeheartedly in this product. Sales grew and in 1997 the company in Riga was bought up.


Now it was time for Gösta's children, Pernilla Roos and Petter Magnusson, to step in. Under the leadership of the siblings, the range and sales have developed strongly, with great growth not least outside Sweden's borders. The head office, distribution and factory store are located in Klippan. All production takes place in Latvia. We manufacture the plaids from start to finish. Everything on our own, in our own factory.

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