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Wool cushion cover

    Wonderful cushion covers!

    Are you looking for cozy, environmentally friendly pillows made from pure natural materials? Cushion covers from us at Klippan Yllefabrik are woven in lamb's wool. Lamb's wool is softer and more elastic than regular wool, which gives a comfortable pillow with a beautiful structure. In our webshop you will also find pillowcases in organic lamb's wool. The organic lamb's wool is completely free of pesticides and neither chemicals nor antibiotics are used in the breeding of the lambs. To make use of leftover wool during manufacturing, we have expanded the range with pillows where recycled wool is mixed with organic lamb's wool.

    Our wool pillows are available in different colors and models. Here you will find checkered pillows as well as plain ones. Dull, natural color scales are mixed with clear accents or graphic expressions. Woven patterns are recognizable from Klippan's plaids and can easily be matched for a high coziness factor at home.

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