Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find answers to the most common questions asked by our customers. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact us at contact@klippanyllefabrik.se

What is the difference between a blanket and a throw?

A wool blanket is stronger and more compact in its structure. A blanket is woven with double layers, so the warp is never prominent but is hidden by the wefts. When weaving blankets, a technique called jacquard can be used, then patterns with several colors can be created and the effect becomes mirrored when the blanket is turned over. A woolen blanket is airier and not as tightly woven as a blanket. A throw has a visible warp and often fringes. The throw originated in Scotland where it was worn as a larger shawl.

My blanket has become electrified, how do I remove it?

Electricity occurs above all in a dry environment, such as in a heated house in winter, and when different materials come into contact with each other and then separate. Textile is a non-electrically conductive material and therefore electricity that arises remains in the product until it is led away or neutralized in some way. You can easily remove the electricity in a blanket by moistening it with water. The water can be sprayed on with a bottle or you can use a washcloth. It is also good to steam or iron the blanket on medium heat and to hang it outside and air it. Another trick is to drag a metal object over the blanket, for example a metal hanger, which then catches the electricity and conducts it away.

My blanket is pilling and have become "dusty", is there something wrong with it?

Your blanket is made of 100% wool. The blanket is brushed to become extra soft and fine. This means that there may be loose wool lying on the surface. It can be plucked, combed or carved away. When using the blanket, pilling may appear. This is because the wool fibers are not completely smooth and have a tendency to snag on each other. The best way to make the surface soft and nice again is to use a wool comb or a pilling remover. You can repeate the treatment without it being damaged, however, you must avoid pulling the pilling away. Another tip is to steam/iron the blanket on medium heat to fix the wool after combing it. Avoid washing the blanket too often, instead hang it outside.

I bought a blanket from the webshop, can I have it wrapped in gift paper?

Unfortunately, we are unable to wrap your ordered goods in gift wrap before we send them out to you.

One of my relatives bought wool yarn from Klippan Yllefabrik in 1982. The lable says that it is mothproof. Is it safe to use?

The pesticides we used then was called Eulan and got banned in the early 90s. It was added to the yarn in fairly small concentrations and according to our information it has never harmed any humans. Eulan is a banned pesticide that can contaminate our waters by washing the blankets.

Can I return goods in the Factory Store that I bought online?

No. If you placed your order online, the package must be sent back to us with Postnord/DPD. You cannot return an online order in our Factory Store.