All about wool

We love wool
We at Klippan Yllefabrik love wool for many reasons. It is a renewable, climate-smart natural material that warms when it is cold and cools when it is hot.

A safe choice
We choose our wool carefully and never take any shortcuts when it comes to quality or animal husbandry. Our purchases are made with full traceability all the way to each individual sheep farm. You can rest assured that we do not buy wool from breeders who practice mulesing. We only use pure wool. We would never dream of mixing wool with synthetic fibers. Thanks to that, our throws and blankets are also naturally degradable and can be composted.

Lamb's wool from New Zealand

Our lamb's wool comes from New Zealand. This wool is produced in accordance with a program called Wool Integrity NZ , where everything from animal welfare and environmental sustainability to traceability, wool quality and health and well-being is covered. Anyone who supplies wool to our wool exporter must commit to complying with these strict conditions that guarantee the welfare of the animals. An important part is the ban on mulesing. The conditions for raising sheep in New Zealand are ideal. The sheep go outside in the beautiful landscape all year round and eat only natural food. This makes the wool extra fine and contains very little vegetables. In New Zealand there are about 30 million sheep, but only 4.5 million people.

Wool without added chemicals

Each batch of lamb's wool is tested by an independent party - either by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority or SGS Wool Testing Services. Wool that deviates from the standard is not accepted. In addition, random samples are made at each farm to determine whether the quality is satisfactory and complies with our requirement specifications. To warm the environment, the wool is handled as gently as possible. It is washed with NPEO-free detergent and no chlorine bleaching occurs. This means that the wool is free from added chemicals.

How to take care of your woolen blanket
Wool is naturally dirt-repellent, so it is often enough to air a blanket or blanket made of wool. You can read our washing and care advice here

Swedish wool

Our locally produced wool comes from farms all over southern Sweden. It is, to suit our special purposes, sheared and sorted by a Swedish master of sheep shearing. The wool is completely natural, without any chemical additives whatsoever. The supply of Swedish wool of the right quality is limited, but we try to find as much as possible and have so far increased our purchases from 4 to 40 tons.


Lamb's wool comes from the sheep's first shearing, which takes place sometime around seven months of age. Lamb wool is softer and more elastic than wool from adult sheep. For our children's and baby blankets, we always use organic lamb's wool.

Gotland wool

Gotland sheep is a Swedish breed that has existed since the Viking Age. This unique wool is well suited for making plaids with a wonderfully luxurious feel. The wool is full, shiny and silky soft with colors in various natural gray shades.


Merino wool

Merino is a traditional breed of sheep originating in Spain. The wool from merino sheep produces the thinnest, finest and softest wool that can be found.

Recycled wool
The recycled wool is used and collected from our own production. It can be anything from wool fibers from the carding machine to wool yarn from the looms. This wool becomes a mix of colors, which gives a yarn in mixed gray and brown tones.

Cashmere wool
Cashmere comes from a special goat and breeding takes place mainly in different parts of Asia. This is the most exclusive wool fiber of all. It is strong and heat-insulating, while being wonderfully soft and light.

Organic wool
Breeding and handling of organic wool takes place under special requirements. No traces of pesticides are allowed in the wool and the animals only receive natural food. In addition, the use of antibiotics is strictly regulated.