Expert in wool since 1879

We love wool for many reasons. It is a climate-smart and durable material that is also good for health. But best of all, wool is biodegradable.

Our experience with wool goes all the way back to the year 1879. We carefully select our wool based on quality and animal welfare. There are many different types of wool and different types have different properties. In our assortment, we have everything from Swedish wool to recycled wool and organic wool. Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured that all the wool we use is certified.

Seeing opportunities

We always try to collaborate locally as soon as possible. An example is Swedish wool. Every sheep must be sheared at least once a year. In the past, most of the Swedish wool was thrown away because there was no demand. We decided to change that and started making plaids from Swedish wool. We never could have guessed that they would become so popular. The supply of Swedish wool is limited, but we try to find as much as possible and have increased our purchases from 4 to 40 tons per year.