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Tove Adman

From 2017, we at Klippan will distribute Tove Adman’s wonderful concrete products. Tove’s renowned concrete products are designed on Gotland and moulded in Järna, Sweden. Tove’s studio is situated in an old Shell gas station in the little village Östergarn on Gotland. The expression in Tove’s products are greatly enhanced by her handicraft.

“Shaping by hand is an important part of my work. All of my designs carry traces of the hands who took part in the making of the finished product”

It is an honor for us at Klippan to work with Tove Adman’s exciting products. For 130 years we have been able to proudly offer textile products made from natural materials. For us, design and quality has always been of highest importance, something that also applies to Tove Adman and her concrete products. We did not hesitate for a moment when we got the opportunity to collaborate with Tove, because her values match so well with ours and her product range is a very good complement to ours.

If you are a retailer and interested in taking part of Toves design, contact us at: info@klippanyllefabrik.se or +46 435-448880


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