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  • Stella

    140 x 180 cm. 100% brushed organic cotton 2619-04 Classic blue 2619-02 Yellow 2619-03 Beige 2619-05 Misty rose 2619-01 Grey These lightly brushed cotton blankets are made with 100% organic cotton. This means that the cotton has been produced without artificial fertilizer and pesticides. Our jacquard woven blankets in 100% cotton are just as beautiful on their front as they are on their back.
  • Stella

    130 x 200 cm. 100% brushed lamb's wool. 2022-11 Cactus 2022-10 Rust 2022-07 Smokey blue 2022-15 Beige 2022-01 Light grey 2022-09 Nude 2022-14 Coke grey Our classic throws are made of 100% lambs wool. The definition of lambs wool is the first shearing of the sheep that is no older than six months. During later years we have also been able to produce throws in ecologic lambs wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics have been used during the breeding of the sheep.
  • Stella

    Cushion cover in 100% lambs wool. 45 x 45cm. 2731-09 Coke grey 2731-08 Beige 2731-01 Light grey 2731-04 Nude 2731-05 Rust 2731-06 Cactus Our wool cushions are woven in 100% lambs wool. We have in later years been able to produce our wool cushions in ecological lambs wool. The ecological lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics has been used in the breeding of the lambs.