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Wanja Djanaieff


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  • Blanket for life

    130 x 180cm. 100% lambs' wool. 2275-01 Thin stripe 2275-02 Wide stripe Our classic, tightly jacquard woven wool blankets in 100% lambs wool are as beautiful on the front as they are on their mirrored back. In later years we have also had the opportunity to make blankets in ecologic lambs wool. The ecologic lambs wool is totally free of pesticides and no chemicals or antibiotics has been used in the breeding of the lambs.
  • Olivia

    130 x 180cm. 60% merino wool & 40% lambs' wool. 2286-02 Green 2286-04 Turqouise 2286-05 Orange 2286-03 Cerise 2286-01 Black
    Our premium blankets are as detailed as the classic wool blankets but woven in a thinner yarn which we have spun on mix of merino wool and lambs wool. The properties of merino wool makes the blanket wonderfully soft and smooth.